January 15

The following property will be sold or otherwise disposed of at a private sale open to the public to be held at said space at Minikahda Ministorage, 5350 Industrial Blvd NE, Fridley, MN 55421, on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. for cash only:
3105 Suleman Tahtamoni, Tag # 4736374,4411356, Wooden Shelves, Metal Shelf, Signs, Computer Monitor, Display Cases, Tobacco Products, Safe, Boxes, Bags, Misc. Items.
3420 Patricia Anthony, Tag # 4346687, Couch, Microwave, Computer Tower, Freezer, TVs, Fan, Fishing Pole, Boxes, Bags, Misc. Items.
4110 Mike Altringer, Tag # 4150694, TVs, Tables, Dolly, Chairs, Step Stool, High Chair, Dresser, Luggage, Office Chair, Bed Frame, TV Stand, Boxes, Misc. Items.
4308 Janetta Brown, Tag # 4411520, Couch, Table, Loveseat, Chair, Vacuum Cleaner, Kids Toys, Misc. Items.
5215 Crystal Kiehl, Tag # 4411013, Kids Toys, Jump Pack, Chair, Mattresses, Flat Panel TV, Boxes, Misc. Items.
5226 Samantha Starkey, Tag # 4346689, End Tables, Table, TV, Plastic Organizer, Boxes, Bags, Misc. Items.
5303 Hectorlene Howard, Tag # 4411533, TV Stand, Microwave, Chairs, Dressers, Couch, Mirrors, Area Rugs, TV, End Tables, Stool, Bags, Misc. Items.
5316 Joshua Johnson, Tag # 4411044, Dresser, Chair.
5336 Hectorlene Howard, Tag # 4411005, Office Chair, Luggage, Boxes, Totes, Bags of Misc. Items, Misc. Items.
5403 Renae Wright, Tag # 4411618, Couch, Bike, TVs, Night Stand, Big Screen TV, Recliner, Kids Toys, Boxes, Misc. Items.
5404 Tonia Mikulak, Tag # 4346693, Vacuum Cleaner, Stools, Office Chair, Chairs, End Table, Mirrors, Shelf, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
5438 Tim K. Engelbrektson, Tag # 4411392, Dolly, Vacuum Cleaner, Coolers, Chairs, Beanie Babies, Ladder, Table, Dresser, Bookshelves, Totes, Boxes, Misc. Items.
5512 David Lee Ringgold, Tag # 4411017, Bed Frame, Subwoofer Box, Bowling Bag, Barbell, Weights, Desk, Totes, Bag, Misc. Items.
5537 Kelly Okerstrom, Tag # 4411016, Coffee Table, Luggage, Stereo, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
5607 Isaac Henning, Tag # 4346300, Drill, Dolly, Table, Computer Tower, Fishing Poles, TV, Trunk, Computer Monitor, Couch, Totes, Boxes, Misc. Items.
5608 Felix Asemota, Tag # 4346299, Computer Towers, Plywood, Spotlight, Boxes, Tote, Gas Can.
6132 Lovelyn Ramsey, Tag # 4346298, Patio Chairs, Chairs, Table, Wicker Furniture, Wheelbarrow, Couch, Dresser, Patio Table, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
6343 Michael Hanes, Tag # 4346252, Golf Clubs, Microwave, Vacuum Cleaner, Bed Frame, End Table, Lamps, Treadmill, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
6433 Absolute Tire and Wheel, Tag # 4346681, ATV, TV, Desk, Bookshelf, Shelf, Rocking Chair, Dresser, File Cabinet, Tool Boxes, Bed Frame, Boxes, Misc. Items.
7128 Jeffery Lindberg, Tag # 4346678, Stove, Kitchen Cabinets, Couch, Chairs, TV Stands, Bed Frame, VCR, Misc. Items.
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Anoka County Union
December 27, 2013 January 3, 2014

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