Thief who stole wedding gifts sentenced to 17 months in prison

A 41-year-old man was sentenced Dec. 12 in Anoka County District Court to 17 months in prison for his role in stealing from a wedding reception.

Derrick Duane Manson
Derrick Duane Manson

Derrick Duane Manson had pleaded guilty to the felony theft charge Oct. 7.

Over $7,400 in cash, checks and gift cards given to the bride and groom were stolen from a July 20 wedding reception at Majestic Oaks Golf Club in Ham Lake, according to the Anoka County Attorney’s Office.

“The defendant turned a day of joy and celebration into one of anguish for the victims,” said Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo. “He should, and has been, held accountable for his actions.”

Anoka County Attorney’s office spokesperson Amanda Vickstrom said Aaron Martin is scheduled to go on trial in April. Rachel Elizabeth Reeves had a hearing scheduled for Dec. 16.

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