Traffic stop leads to five felony charges

A traffic stop in East Bethel resulted in five felony drugs charges being filed in Anoka County District Court against the driver.

Terry Jo Foster, 51, no permanent address, was arraigned in court Nov. 12 on two counts of second-degree controlled substance crime, two counts of third-degree controlled substance crime and one count of fifth-degree controlled substance crime charge.

Bail was set at $100,000 without conditions or $60,000 with conditions. Her next court appearance is Dec. 11.

A warrant was issued for Foster’s arrest Nov. 1 when the Anoka County Attorney’s Office filed the charges because Foster’s whereabouts were unknown. She was taken into custody Nov. 12.

The early morning hours of April 14, an Anoka County Sheriff’s deputy stopped a Cadillac Seville in the area of 221st Avenue and Van Buren Street for crossing over the center dotted line several times.

The deputy ran the car’s license plate and found that it registered to Foster, who he knew has a history of narcotics and about whom he had received information the previous week that she uses and sells methamphetamine and keeps meth in her key chain, according to the complaint.

The Seville stopped on 221st Avenue near where Foster’s boyfriend lives and allegedly the location of prior drug activity.

The deputy approached the car and spoke with Foster, who allegedly appeared very nervous, was smoking and spoke at a rapid pace, then called her boyfriend for help.

The deputy and a canine officer, who had arrived at the scene, allegedly noticed a black pouch on Foster’s key chain hanging from the steering column.

Because of Foster’s drug history and drug information regarding her key chain, the address history, her demeanor and the fact that she had allegedly called her boyfriend for help, the drug-sniffing dog was deployed to sniff around the outside of the vehicle.

Based on the dog’s reactions, deputies searched the Cadillac and allegedly found a bag with two glass pipes, spoons and smaller containers of a white crystalline substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

In addition, inside a wallet, the deputy allegedly discovered three small plastic baggies and five bindles, all containing a substance that tested positive for 6.7 grams of methamphetamine.

The deputy also allegedly located an orange pill bottle that contained four oxycodone pills, a schedule II controlled substance, and other empty plastic bags to package drugs.

According to the complaint, the drugs appeared to be packaged for sale with additional empty bags on hand.

The search of the car also allegedly revealed $7,050 in cash and $575 worth of gold $1 coins.

When the Anoka-Hennepin Drug Task Force executed a search warrant for Foster’s prescriptions, it found that she had not had a prescription for a controlled substance for 730 days.

Foster allegedly refused to make a post-Miranda statement.

She has previous convictions for drug-related crimes, including a fifth-degree possession charge in Anoka County in 2005.

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