Two face meth possession charges

A Coon Rapids man is scheduled for a jury trial and a Blaine woman has pleaded guilty after both were charged in Anoka County District Court with possessing methamphetamine at a Blaine residence.

Gregory Thomas Erickson, 42, has a trial date set for April 24, 2014 on a second-degree controlled substance crime charge, possession of methamphetamine, while Lisa Ann Ross, 35, no permanent address, entered a guilty plea Dec. 18 to a felony fifth-degree controlled substance crime charge and will be sentenced Jan. 16.

Shortly before 1 a.m. March 13, 2013 a Blaine Police officer responded to a residence on 90th Curve NE on a call from a man who reported that his wife, Ross, was locked in their bathroom with a person he described as the “dopeman” and who was later identified as Erickson, according to the complaint.

The husband told police his wife had locked herself in the bathroom for the past two days, doing drugs and ignoring his requests to leave the bathroom, even though there were three children, ages from one to nine, in the home.

Officers were asked to kick down the bathroom door by the husband, but suggested instead that he pick the bathroom door lock, using a pen, which he did.

When police opened the door, they found Ross and Erickson and in between them, plastic baggies, a straw, an opened bobby pin and garbage can which contained cotton swabs with burned residue, several lights and a broken glass meth pipe, the complaint alleges.

Erickson was asked to step into the hallway to talk with one of the officers and as he did so, the officer allegedly saw him toss a black package to the left of the toilet.

The black, zippered bag was picked up by another officer and a search revealed a plastic baggie containing a substance that later tested positive for 14.87 grams of methamphetamine, according to the complaint.

In a post-Miranda statement, Ross admitted using the broken meth pipe to smoke meth the day before.

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