Foley project open house Jan. 9

An open house for the Foley Boulevard reconstruction project from Egret and Northdale boulevards has been scheduled by the Anoka County Highway Department.

The open house will take place at the Coon Rapids City Center Thursday, Jan. 9, 4:30-6:30 p.m.

There will be no formal presentation. Instead, informational materials and maps will be provided and county and city of Coon Rapids staff will be available to answer questions about the proposed projects.

Comment cards will be provided at the meeting for the public to use for written comments. They can be completed either at the meeting or at home.

Individual meeting notices have been mailed to property owners and residents within a half-mile of the corridor, according to the county highway department website.

The 0.9-mile project is scheduled for construction from fall 2015 to fall 2016.

It will reconstruct the existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane divided road with a center concrete median and dedicated left- and right-turn lanes at full access intersections, much like the project scheduled for construction later this year to upgrade Foley from 101st Avenue to Egret.

The project is also proposed to provide a trail on one side of the road and replace the existing sidewalk on the other side.

But like the reconstruction of Foley from 101st to Egret, this project will involve access closures from some residential streets on to Foley.

The design and engineering for the project itself is being handled in-house by the county highway department.

Part of the design work has involved looking at options for realigning the intersection at Foley and Northdale, whose current configuration has sharp turns and poor visibility.

Back in September, county highway officials met with the Coon Rapids City Council to present three very preliminary design alternatives for the intersection – a realigned signalized intersection, a roundabout and a status quo with no realignment, but with widening and a right-turn bypass lane.

The option on which the county is focusing is the a realigned signalized intersection to try and straighten it out, according to Assistant County Engineer Andrew Witter. “That’s the preferred option,” Witter said.

The roundabout appears to be off the table, said Coon Rapids Public Works Director Tim Himmer.

Under the preliminary design on the county highway department website, only two full access intersections would remain in place – at 109th Avenue and 113th Avenue – under the reconstruction project.

For the other existing intersections, the preliminary design shows:

• 107th Lane, closed.

• 108th Avenue, right-in, right-out only.

• 108th Lane, right-in, right-out only.

• 109th Lane, closed.

• 110th Avenue, both sides, right-in, right-out only.

• 110th Lane, right-in, right-out only.

• 111th Avenue, closed.

• 111th Lane, right-in, right-out.

• 112th Lane, north of Foley closed.

• 112th Lane, a cul de sac south of Foley, right-in, right-out only.

• Only one of two access points to the Egret Oaks house development on the north side of Foley, immediately east of the Egret intersection, will remain open and it will be right-in and right-out only. These homes do not have any access to city residential streets.

The county has received $2.988 million in federal funds for the project, which has a preliminary cost estimate of $3,735,000.

According to the highway department website, existing traffic volumes on this stretch of Foley are 15,000 vehicles a day and are projected to increase to 25,000 vehicles a day by 2030.

Before the project can move forward, both the Anoka County Board and the city council have to approve a joint powers agreement, which spells out the details of the project and the cost sharing.

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