Coon Rapids takes in less revenue than expected, spends less

The city of Coon Rapids estimates that it received less revenues than anticipated in 2013, but it spent less, too.

According to Kevin Vouk, manager of accounting/treasurer, expenditures, factoring in carry-forwards of $208,489 to 2014, are anticipated to be $723,200 or 2.8 percent, under the amended 2013 budget of $26,179,738.

Meantime, Vouk’s report shows that revenues are projected to be $107,483 or 0.4 percent under the amended revenue budget of $26,773,475.

General property tax revenues are $183,022 under estimates and investment income is $517,000 below the estimate, but charges for services have increased $383,906 over the estimate, Vouk states in his report.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]