Probation, prison stayed for driver who caused Andover crash

The driver of car involved in a single-vehicle crash in Andover, who pleaded guilty in Anoka County District Court to two of four felony charges, has had an 18-month prison sentence stayed, has been placed on probation for five years and jailed for 120 days.

Misty Rose Briese, 26, Little Canada, entered guilty pleas to two counts of criminal vehicular operation, gross negligence, and at sentencing Dec. 18, the two other criminal vehicular operation charges were dismissed.

Probation conditions include 30 hours of community service work in lieu of a $300 fine, complete a chemical dependency evaluation, attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving impact panel, random urinalysis and breath testing on demand at her own expense, supply DNA sample, no use of mood-altering chemicals or alcohol and complete parenting class.

Briese was accused of driving drunk on Prairie Road Aug. 26, 2012 and losing control of her vehicle, causing it to leave the road and finish upside down in a ditch, injuring both her adult male front passenger and her five-year-old daughter in the back seat.

According to the complaint, the male passenger had to have surgery for multiple fractures, while the child had a finger amputated.

Briese blew a .14 on the preliminary breath test, then a blood test also showed a .14 blood-alcohol level, the complaint states.

Witnesses stated the car was being driven at 90 to 100 mph, passing vehicles in a no passing zone and running stop signs before losing control on a curve.

Other witnesses identified Briese and the male drinking at nearby bar minutes before the crash, while the five-year-old left in the car.

When the witnesses went to confront Briese, she sped out of the parking lot in her vehicle, according to the complaint.

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