December 3

St. Francis, Minnesota
December 9, 2013
Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m. Central Services Center Community Room
4115 Ambassador Blvd.
The regular meeting was called to order by Chairperson Amy Kelly at 7:00 p.m. with the following members present: Directors David Anderson, Suzanne Erkel, Janet Glover, Harry Grams, David Roberts, Marsha Van Denburgh, and Superintendent Ed Saxton.
Happenings Around the District St. Francis Elementary School Recorder Group
St. Francis Elementary School music teacher Ms. Humphrey led the grade 5 student recorder choir in performing for the School Board. This after school enrichment program is offered through ISD 15 Community Education.
A recess of five minutes was taken at 7:11 p.m.
Truth in Taxation Mr. Nelson
Ms. Kelly opened the 2013 Pay 2014 Property Tax Hearing. Assoc. Director of Business Services Mr. Nelson presented the 2013-2014 School District Budget and the Proposed 2013 Payable 2014 Property Tax Levy explaining the changes in the levy from the previous years levy. Ms. Kelly opened the floor to public comment or questions. With no public comment or questions the regular meeting continued.
Site Report East Bethel Community School (EBCS) Ms. Scardigli
Principal Ms. Scardigli introduced Mr. Studnicka, physical education teacher, who started a program this year called JAM which is a one minute warm up activity to start the day. JAM gets the students ready to learn, gives them more energy, promotes activity, and helps to focus throughout the day. Students led the audience in a JAM session.
Consideration of Visitors
Deb Parson, Education Minnesota St. Francis Union President, shared her experience participating on the American Federation of Teachers National Panel held in Washington D.C.
Ms. Kelly noted that a closed session for negotiation parameters intended for this agenda was not included. A closed session is scheduled to be held on December 16, at 8:00 p.m., location to be determined.
Motion was made by Mr. Anderson and second by Mr. Grams.
Motion carried for the revised agenda 7-0.
Consent Agenda
Motion was made to approve the revised Consent Agenda by Ms. Glover and second by Ms. Erkel. Ms. Van Denburgh requested item D be considered separately.
A. THAT the minutes of November 25 be approved as presented.
B. THAT the Personnel Items be approved as presented.
C. THAT Disbursements are approved as presented.
E. THAT Gift Acknowledgements be approved as presented.
Motion carried, 7-0.
D. THAT the Utility Tractor Lease be approved as presented.
Motion was made by Mr. Anderson and second by Mr. Grams. Ms. Van Denburgh inquired if the District currently owned a tractor. Mr. Nelson responded that the District owns a tractor that will be traded.
Motion carried 7-0.
Student Report
Cassy Stierns and Hanah Molskness provided the student report.
Superintendent Report and Communications
* Mr. Saxton met with Matt Hylen to begin planning for next year regarding the chemical awareness concept.
* David Anderson and Harry Grams were recognized for their years of service, dedication and support to the District.
Dialogue Session
Mr. Grams reported that a community member asked for clarification of a statement at the last meeting in regards to morale in the District.
School Board Member Reports
School Board members provided reports on the following: negotiations, Family Reading Night, St. Francis Community Drug Awareness program, acknowledgement to Mr. Roberts for his support of the program, a benefit for Kessler Soucie to be held January 25, Secret Santa for families in the District, thank you to Mr. Anderson and Mr. Grams for their work, dedication and respect over the years to the District, suggestion to add coding as a curriculum and report about the Hour of Code program, a letter received from Gary Lee, Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA), regarding the proposed policy 519 Compensation Alternative to District Health Insurance, MSBA delegate assembly, vandalism at St. Francis Elementary School, and inquiry as to the status of the student information system search.
Mr. Anderson thanked the community for allowing him to serve the District, staff and teachers for what they do for students, and his family for supporting him. Mr. Grams thanked past board members, staff in the District, and acknowledged the two bright points in his career as a Board member, previous Board member Jim Jones and fellow Board member Dave Anderson.
Administrative Reports
The Financial Planning Action Committee meeting will be cancelled for December 11 and re-scheduled in January.
Mr. Saxton will attend the Affordable Care meeting in Fergus Falls December 10.
Mr. Lindberg will contact employee groups scheduled for negotiations to reschedule.
Other Matters
Payable 2014 Final Levy Certification
Motion was made by Mr. Anderson second by Ms. Glover.
Motion carried 5-2, nays being Ms. Erkel and Ms. Van Denburgh.
The regular meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m.
School Board Clerk
(Complete resolutions and additional dialogue are on file in the legal minutes at Central Services Center and posted on the District website.)
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Anoka County Union
January 17, 2014

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