Union Looking Back for Jan. 17, 2014

Munificent gift!

Two Anoka boys make it a thousand dollars given for a foot bridge over Rum River connecting the west and east side parks. The check made out in favor of Mrs. G.S. Pease of the Advisory Park Board, to be expended under her direction.

The only condition is that the structure be called “The Eastman Bridge” in honor of Job Eastman, the boys’ father. Every old resident will remember the Eastman boys – boys full of life and ginger, change this word if you want to, and up to mischief, never malicious, and they will also remember their father, a man who took life easy but managed to bring up his children in the way they should go, and who was ever held in high esteem by his fellow citizens and neighbors.

-100 years ago, Jan. 21, 1914

Episcopal church annual meeting

Glowing reports given; church is out of debt; supper is served. In this present age of financial distress, it is given to few churches to end their year with absolutely no debts and money in the treasury. Trinity Episcopal church of this city is a rare exception for according to the reports at their annual meeting held in the parish house Thursday evening, the church in all its departments was free of debt.

– 75 years ago, Jan. 18, 1939

“More children” cited in rezoning opposition

A plan to construct four, eight unit apartment buildings off Seventh avenue was turned down by a 3-2 City Commission vote Monday after nearby residents presented a petition opposing the move because it would bring more children to the area. Winslow Chamberlain had sought to rezone lots 7, 8 and 9 in auditor’s subdivision 14 off Seventh avenue across from the Kottke Bus company property from R-1 and R-2 to R-3 to permit construction of the multiple dwellings.

– 50 years ago, Jan. 17, 1964

Out fox-ing the fish

Looking dapper in his fox-lined headgear, Tommy Guyer, of Oak Grove, awaited a nibble at the 7th annual ice fishing contest at Lake George in Oak Grove Sunday. Guyer was one of about 500 people to take part in the event, which raises funds for the Oak Grove Fire Department Relief Association.

– 25 years ago, Jan. 20, 1989

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.