St. Francis amends city election procedures

The St. Francis City Council Jan. 6 approved two changes to the city’s election procedures that will take effect for the 2014 general election.

Those changes include the establishment of a primary election and new rules for write-in candidates. Both were adopted unanimously through two separate resolutions and had been recommended by the city’s charter commission.

The first resolution establishes a primary election for the purpose of choosing two nominees for each elective office at the regular municipal election in cases when more than two candidates file for each elective office. The city primary election will be on the same date as the statewide primary election.

The second resolution requires write-in candidates for city office who want their write-in votes to be counted in the general election to file a written request with the city clerk at least seven days before the election. Write-in votes for candidates who have not filed a written request shall be counted collectively as votes for “a single nonqualified candidate referenced as ‘other.’”