Coon Rapids council makes appointments to advisory commissions

The Coon Rapids City Council named its representatives to outside organizations and made appointments and reappointments to its advisory commissions Jan. 7, its first meeting of 2014.

With no city election in November 2012, there were no changes on the council itself; the positions of mayor and wards 3 and 5 will be on the November 2014 ballot.

Indeed, the council did not make any changes from 2013 to various outside bodies on which it has representation.

• Anoka County Joint Law Enforcement Council, Councilmember Steve Wells and Police Chief Brad Wise; Councilmember Bruce Sanders alternate.

• Anoka-Hennepin Community Education Advisory Council: Councilmember Denise Klint; Councilmember Ron Manning alternate.

• Metro Cities: Councilmember Paul Johnson; Councilmember Jerry Koch alternate.

• League of Minnesota Cities: Johnson; Klint alternate.

• Local Government Information Systems: City Manager Steve Gatlin; Information Technology Manager Dave Sack.

• Minnesota Metro North Tourism (TC Gateway): Koch, Gatlin; Johnson alternate.

• Schwan’s Super Rink Joint Board: Mayor Tim Howe, Wells; Sanders alternate.

• Northstar Corridor Development Authority: Sanders; Howe alternate.

• North Metro Crossing Coalition: Sanders; Howe alternate.

The council, acting as both the housing and redevelopment authority and the economic development authority, selected officers for both those bodies, again with no change from 2013.

For the housing and redevelopment authority, Howe is chairperson with Wells vice chairperson, Sanders secretary and Manning vice secretary.

Howe is president of the economic development authority and Wells the vice president with Klint as secretary, Manning as assistant secretary and Johnson treasurer.

The following appointments and reappointments were made to advisory commissions and boards:

• Arts Commission: Mary Ann Kehn appointed chairperson; Patty Sathre reappointed. There are five vacancies.

• Board of Adjustment and Appeals: Gary Wessling appointed chairperson; Teri Spano-Madden and Trish Thorup reappointed. There is one vacancy.

• Civil Service Commission: Bob Thistle appointed chairperson.

• Parks and Recreation Commission: Tim Arnston appointed chairperson; Neal Livermore and Ryan McAlpine reappointed. There is one vacancy.

• Planning Commission: Jennifer Geisler appointed chairperson; Donna Naeve reappointed.

• Safety Commission: Bob Johnson appointed chairperson; Arnie Alderman reappointed. There are three vacancies.

• Sustainability Commission: Stacee Demmer appointed chairperson; Demmer reappointed and Steven Pedersen appointed. There are three vacancies.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]