Roberts elected Dist. 15 School Board chairman

Although he has had less than a year of service on the St. Francis School Board, David Roberts was elected by his colleagues Jan. 13 to lead its meetings for 2014.

A resident of Oak Grove, Roberts has lived in School District 15 for more than four years and he is the father of four children who range in age from seven years to three months. The family has become part of the Lifelong Learning Center and Cedar Creek Community School.

“I am firmly implanted and vested in this community,” Roberts said. “I intend to see my children graduate from St. Francis High School.”

He applied for and was appointed to fill a school board vacancy last spring, beginning work in the second year of a four-year term.

Roberts had an option to seek election in November to complete the remaining two years of that term, but instead he ran for one of three four-year terms that were on the ballot. He received the most votes of six candidates in that race. Betsy Roed, also of Oak Grove, won election to serve the shorter two-year term.

“I am pleased that I was elected chair (of the board),” Roberts said. “I do hope to serve the district well. I believe that I am capable of fulfilling the duties in an effective manner.”