Man accused of stealing property from storage units in Coon Rapids

A man has been accused in Anoka County District Court of stealing property from multiple units at two Coon Rapids storage businesses.

Kyle Anthony Gallick, 26, no permanent address, was arraigned in court Jan. 24 on three felony theft charges, one count for theft of firearms and the other two for stealing property worth in excess of $5,000.

According to Coon Rapids Police Det. Chad Duckson, who investigated the case, as many as 60 units were broken and had property stolen at Public Storage, 11365 Robinson Dr. NW, and Simply Storage, 9154 University Ave. NW.

Some of the units were hit more than once, Duckson said.

To date 27 victims have been identified, he said.

Tables full of evidence seized in the investigation will be set up at the Coon Rapids Police Department the evening of Thursday, Feb. 13 and the day of Friday, Feb. 14 for an evidence retrieval event, Duckson said.

Between Dec. 12, 2013 and Jan. 7, Coon Rapids Police officers responded to reports of multiple thefts from units at Public Storage and Simply Storage and in all cases, the locks had been cut or broken off the storage units.

According to the complaint, items taken included some 1,700 DVDs/Blue Ray discs, XBox units, TVs, DVD players, collectible figures and stamps, laptops and assorted electronics, three rifles, two handguns, assorted jewelry, professional disc jockey and lighting equipment, Wii game systems, controllers and games and numerous sports jerseys and memorabilia.

Preliminary estimates of the reported stolen property from the storage units top $27,000, the complaint states.

Investigating the thefts, police found two sets of footprints at Simply Storage, the first from a man’s shoe or boot that had the words similar to “Granite Ridge” in an oval in the center of the boot and the second from a woman’s boot with a zig-zag pattern.

Both sets of prints followed a track from a hole in the fence to the front gate and past several units, but a large amount of the footprints were found around a unit where Gallick was allegedly living with his girlfriend until they were both evicted.

Video surveillance from Dec. 13 to 27, 2013 at six different pawn shops allegedly show Gallick and the woman pawning significant amounts of the property reported stolen from Public Storage and Simply Storage.

In a post-Miranda statement, the woman allegedly admitted to committing between 30 and 60 thefts at Public Storage and Simply Storage with Gallick, identifying the footprints found at both locations as Gallick and hers.

She alleged Gallick took several guns during the thefts and they used a bolt cutter that was still in the room they shared at a local hotel .

During a consent search of the hotel room, police allegedly located the bolt cutter described by the woman as well as some of the stolen firearms.

Charges against the woman are pending, according to Duckson.

In a post-Miranda statement, Gallick allegedly admitted the property he pawned in December was from the storage unit thefts.

He also allegedly admitted to helping load stolen property into the car during the thefts and that he received half the proceeds from pawning the stolen property.

Court records show that Gallick has several burglary and theft convictions dating back to 2003 and in 2011, he was sent to prison for concurrent 26- and 23-month prison terms, with credit for 210 days served, on two separate felony protection order violation convictions.

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