Anoka’s 2014 street reconstruction project moving ahead

Anoka’s 2014 street renewal program will replace nearly a mile of roads and underlying infrastructure in an east central neighborhood of the city.

“This is a complete neighborhood revitalization project,” said Greg Lee, public services director and city engineer.

This means new roads, curb and gutter, streetlights and updated water, sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure.

Streets included in the 2014 program are 10th Avenue (from Jefferson Street to East Main Street) as well as Cross and Madison streets (from Ninth Avenue to the east city limits).

According to Lee, the project is expected to cost $1.73 million.

At the public hearing, no residents raised concerns about assessments or the project in general.

The council unanimously agreed to order the project and authorized the preparation of final engineering plans and specifications.

Benefiting property owners will pay for about 22 percent of the costs.

The total assessment for an 80-foot wide lot would be $5,770. This includes the street assessment at $2,750 per home plus $14 per lineal frontage foot. Property owners are also charged $900 for sanitary sewer service and $1,000 for water service.

Assessments are payable over a 10-year period at an interest rate of 5 percent.

The property assessments rates have not changed since the most recent ones were established in 2009.

“For the last five projects those rates have stayed consistent,” Lee said.

Although there are no guarantees how long the city will be able to hold that rate, given that construction costs are increasing.

“Bid prices are creeping up,” Lee said. “Contractors are finding work and a lot of work. We might not be able to stay at this rate indefinitely.”

This is part of a multi-phase project to upgrade the streets in this neighborhood.

Lee said a lot of new storm sewer is being added to this part of the city with the 2014 project.

The city has done emergency work in the past to alleviate flooding for Cross Street homeowners.

“We put a Band-Aid on that three or four years ago because of a lack of catch basins,” said Councilmember Jeff Weaver. “This is going to get it fixed right once and for all.”

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  • Pat Walker

    Anoka residents pay $5770. in assessed costs. presumably twenty two percent of the project cost. The Anoka City Council regularly assures the residents that they are getting the best deal by saying that “Other communities pay as high as fifty percent”. One would think by that statement that other communities pay almost twelve thousand dollars. However, the union article dated October 28th about street reconstruction in Coon Rapids states correctly that Coon Rapids residential properties are assessed a mere $1,621. and that it is in fact almost fifty percent of the cost.
    So a street reconstruction in Coon Rapids costs a total of about $3,250. for a 80 foot lot. The same service in Anoka costs about $23,000. ? Six times as much if you live in Anoka.
    So to Un-Weave the story, I would rather pay fifty percent of the cost in Coon Rapids, Andover or Ramsey than twenty five percent of the cost in Anoka.
    Part of the difference could be that Coon Rapids replaces ten miles or more of streets each year and Anoka replaces one mile. Coon Rapids is replacing streets and infrastructure that are around forty years old while Anoka is replacing streets and infrastructure that are seventy years old.
    Where did the money go that has been collected in property tax for the past seventy years and why does the current property owner (who may have lived there for only a short period) need to cough up almost six grand?