March 5

The following property will be sold or otherwise disposed of at a private sale open to the public to be held at said space at Minikahda Ministorage, 5350 Industrial Blvd NE, Fridley, MN 55421, on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. for cash only:
1105 Corey Johnson, Tag # 4346254, Tool Box, Office Chair, Computer Towers, Air Conditioner, Plastic Organizer, Area Rug, TV, Boxes, Misc. Items.
3124 WCC Property Preservation, Tag # 4346257, 4346297, Doors, Dollies, Bricks, Lumber, Vanities, Trash Can, Barrels, Vacuums, Ladders, Tools, Totes, Misc. Items.
3311 Scott Devery, Tag # 4346258, TVs, TV Stand, Bikes, Bookshelf, Weed Wiper, Totes, Office Chair, Couch, Work Bench, Cooler, Chairs, Misc. Items.
4103 Michele Cronin, Tag # 4346259, TV, Ladder, Luggage, Pet Beds, Table, End Table, Plastic Organizer, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
4208 Shana Ellenwood, Tag # 4411627, Foosball Table, Car Seat, Crutches, Kids Toys, Bags of Misc. Items, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
5104 Renee Andrews, Tag # 4346261, Grill, Pots & Pans, Bookshelf, Games, Backpack, Flat Screen TV, Microwave, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
5324 Staci Strande, Tag # 4150658, Loveseat, Desk, Table, Artwork, Chairs, Boxes, Misc. Items.
5512 David Lee Ringgold, Tag # 4411017, Bed Frame, Subwoofer Box, Bowling Bag, Barbell, Weights, Desk, Totes, Bag, Misc. Items.
6106 Robert Harner, Tag # 0762794, Gun Cases, Dresser, Dolly, Fishing Poles, Boxes of Misc. Items, Totes of Misc. Items.
6118 Kevin Kopp, Tag # 4346264, File Cabinets, Dolly, Tool Box, Jack Stands, Motorcycle MN Plate # 25-335, Guitar Amp, Heater, Table Saw, Dryer, Shelves, Boxes, Totes, Misc Item.
6325 David Nelson, Tag # 4346265, Desk, Dresser, Night Stand, Chair, Crock Pot, Boots, Totes, Boxes, Misc. Items.
6338 Tommy Pierre, Tag # 4346266, Rocking Chairs, Stools, Dresser, Bed Frame, Tools, Totes, Boxes, Misc. Items.
6343 Michael Hanes, Tag # 4346252, Golf Clubs, Microwave, Vacuum Cleaner, Bed Frame, End Table, Lamps, Treadmill, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
6403 Robert Harner, Tag # 4346267, Jump Pack, Jack, Office Chair, Cabinet, Poker Table, Bike, Kids Toys, Guitar, Wheel Chair, Plastic Organizers, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
7405 Julie Arrowood, Tag # 0762509, 0979767, Wicker Furniture, Plastic Shelves, Luggage, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
7413 Julie Arrowood, Tag # 4150843, 4150688, Golf Clubs, Dishes, Fabric, Wood Shelf, Chairs, Boxes, Totes, Misc. Items.
7416 Julie Arrowood, Tag # 3833743, 3833828, Vending Machine, Dressers, Couchs, Stereo, Lamp, Heavy Bag, Guitar, Boxes, Misc. Items.
7428 Hideki Semba, Tag # 4346268, 4150663, Chairs, Planter, Table, Records, Artwork, Boxes, Misc. Items.
Published in the
Anoka County Union Herald
February 14, 21, 2014

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