Plea bargain for jaywalker accused of stealing bike

A man initially charged with first-degree burglary for allegedly stealing a bicycle in Spring Lake Park accepted a plea bargain last week.

Richard Alan Joyce, 51, of Minneapolis, pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property in Anoka County District Court Feb. 4.

Joyce’s plea keeps a felony off of his record. The receiving stolen property plea is a gross misdemeanor.

Judge Nancy Logering sentenced Joyce to two years’ probation during which time he must remain law-abiding and have good behavior. He received credit for nine days served in jail.

Two months after police spied Joyce pushing a bicycle across Highway 65, jaywalking, a warrant was issued for his arrest when he was charged with first-degree burglary. The bicycle was seized when police initially made contact Joyce in August.

Police arrested Joyce in November 2013 and he was jailed. He posted $2,000 bail Nov. 14.

After pleading guilty, Joyce was fined $3,000, but $2,800 was stayed, including credit for bail.

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