UnionHerald Looking Back for Feb. 14, 2014

East and west sides to have spell down

The old fashioned spelling match aroused so much enthusiasm that the ladies of the Universalist club have arranged for a second contest. This is to be between the east and west sides of town. The same speller, Aiton’s, will be used and the match will be held at the Universalist Church Feb. 23, 7:30 p.m.

-100 years ago, Feb. 17, 1914, Anoka Herald

Negro team at high school Monday night

The Harlem Globetrotters, a professional negro basketball team of New York City, will meet the Anoka Blackhawks at  the high school auditorium next Monday evening. The Harlem team will give an exhibition of basketball handlers, jugglers, etc., that is a circus in itself. If you want to see some accurate shooting, and some clown antics, don’t miss the game.

– 75 years ago, Feb. 15, 1939, Anoka County Union

Two suspects picked up in arson of model homes

Alleged arson of two Thompson Park model homes Thursday involving two Coon Rapids juveniles appeared solved 12 hours after the $7,000 fires were set. Coon Rapids Fire Chief Harold Bartholow credited the combined efforts of his firemen, the Coon Rapids police department and State Fire Marshal John Berger for the quick results.

– 50 years ago, Feb. 14, 1964, Anoka County Union

Residents can look into the future of the city

The city of Coon Rapids wants the help of its citizens in looking into the future. The first of a series of town meetings on the city’s 2010 project will take place Feb. 21 at L.O. Jacob Community School. The 2010 project is a grassroots effort of more than 100 community volunteers with the purpose of looking into the future to see what the community might be like over the next 20 years.

– 25 years ago, Feb. 17, 1989
Coon Rapids Herald

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