More gambling permits approved

An increase in the number of lawful gambling premise permits an organization can have in the city has been given by the green light by the Coon Rapids City Council.

By unanimous vote Feb. 5, the council adopted an ordinance that will allow lawful gambling organizations in the city to have five premise permits instead of three.

But the ordinance limits the number of manned pull-tab booth permits to three per organization.

If the organization wants additional permits they will have to be pull-tab dispensing devices.

According to Mayor Tim Howe, the increase in the number of premise permits recognizes the growth in popularity of the pull-tab dispensing machines that don’t require an on-site employee.

The council had agreed to the gambling permit increase at a work session Dec. 17, 2013 following a request from the Coon Rapids Lions Club, which had received permit approval from the city in February 2013 to operate a pull-tab dispensing device at MGM Liquor Warehouse.

The Lions club is one of six organizations that have lawful gambling premise licenses in the city.

Together with the Coon Rapids Mat Bandits Wrestling Club, the Lions have the current maximum of three permits, while the Coon Rapids National Little League and Coon Rapids Youth Hockey Association have two each and the Coon Rapids American Legion and Coon Rapids VFW each have one at their respective locations.

Under state law, the number of pull-tab dispensing devices at any permitted location is limited to three, according to City Clerk Cathy Sorensen.