Life Looking Back for Feb. 21, 2014

Students to travel in Germany and Spain

Twenty-eight Spring Lake Park students will be traveling abroad to Germany and Spain for two weeks next month as part of the International Student Experience Program that involves a number of high schools in the state of Minnesota. This will be the first year that Spring Lake Park has participated in this program which is three years old and directed by James Phalen, an ex-Spanish teacher.

– 40 years ago, Feb. 22, 1974

SLP council votes in favor of liquor store

Before a crowd of over 100 people, the Spring Lake Park city council Tuesday night voted 3-2 to build a controversial city-owned, off-sale warehouse style liquor store. Location, increased traffic, the image of a city-owned store and financial objections were all raised by several members of the audience who spoke against the store. No one spoke in favor of the store from the audience.

– 30 years ago, Feb. 24, 1984

University Creek successful in working with at-risk students

It’s a two-room schoolhouse with a high-tech twist. That’s just part of the charm behind District 11’s alternative program for at-risk students. For Gary Knox and Kay Despard, the instructors at University Creek Alternative Program, the mini school concept has proven to be very successful. The school is built on the philosophy that small equals friendly and friendly equals success.

– 20 years ago, Feb. 25, 1994

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.