Harrington to fill vacant East Bethel council seat

The East Bethel City Council Feb. 19 selected Tim Harrington to fill its vacant seat after interviewing three candidates.

Harrington received two councilmembers’ votes; the other two candidates, Randy Plaisance and Brian Bezanson, received one vote each. Voting was done anonymously.

Harrington and the other two candidates had been chosen for interviews at a Feb. 13 special meeting of the city council.

During his interview with the council, Harrington said he has served on the road commission and has attended city council meetings over the past year and a half. He said he wants to serve on the city council because he wants to see the city get through the ups and downs it’s been going through and to start going forward again. He has been a resident of East Bethel for 10 years.

Harrington said he thinks it is important for the city to advertise and promote its positive aspects. He said the city’s most pressing issue is to pay off the sewer bonds, and that finding new businesses to come into the city is an important part of that.

Harrington feels it is important to get rid of the city’s negative image. “We need to make it positive . . . something’s got to be changed.”

The seat now filled by Harrington became open when the city council voted to unseat former Mayor Richard Lawrence Jan. 8 because his residency in East Bethel had come into question. The council then appointed Councilmember Bob DeRoche as mayor, leaving his council seat vacant.