Spring Lake Park man charged with attempted first-degree murder

A Spring Lake Park man faces additional charges in a case where he allegedly assaulted an on-again-off-again partner.

Benjamin Paul Adams
Benjamin Paul Adams

In October 2013, Benjamin Paul Adams, 40, was arraigned on five felony charges: kidnapping, second- and third-degree assault, domestic assault and terroristic threats.

The criminal complaint was amended Jan. 29 to include an attempted first-degree murder charge.

Since the initial complaint, law enforcement personnel have obtained surveillance video from Adams’ bedroom, which allegedly shows Adams beating a 26-year-old woman and smothering her face repeatedly for four-and-a-half hours Oct. 20 and 21.

Police responded to the 8400 block of Center Drive NE at 3 a.m. Oct. 21 to speak with the woman, who had multiple injuries and bruises, including a nasal fracture and slits on her left wrist.

The woman told police that she was held against her will and assaulted by Adams in his apartment, according to the criminal complaint. He used chrome scissors and a razor blade to attack her, the woman alleged.

Earlier, Adams was smoking methamphetamine when he accused the woman of sleeping with other men, becoming angrier when he discovered what he thought to be a man’s voice on his partner’s phone, the complaint alleges.

Adams had allegedly installed a “spyware” application on her cell phone so that he could track her communications.

Adams cut the woman with a razor blade on her left wrist, telling her that they were both going to die and the story would be on the news, according to the complaint.

Initially, the woman did not try to run away because Adams told her he had video cameras monitoring her and she was scared, she allegedly told police.

Eventually, she escaped, running toward Eagle Brook Church, but Adams chased her and tried to drag her back. She held on to a pole and he left, according to the complaint.

On the surveillance video, Adams allegedly admits to breaking the woman’s nose and threatens to keep hitting her in the nose. While holding the chrome scissors, the video allegedly shows Adams threatening to stab the woman and slit her throat.

Included in the amended complaint, the woman told police Adams had allegedly assaulted her on multiple occasions before Oct. 21, striking her in the face and choking her.

In 2011, Adams was convicted of violating two domestic abuse no contact orders. One offense was a misdemeanor and one a gross misdemeanor.

The complaint alleges that Adams intended to kill a human being while committing domestic abuse.

In addition, the complaint alleged that Adams had abused the same woman before and the circumstances of this indicate “an extreme indifference to human life,” as attempted first-degree murder requires.

Adam remains in jail with bail set at $300,000. A jury trial is scheduled for March 24.

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