No more jail for bank robber

A 35-year-old woman charged with robbing a TCF Bank location at Cub Foods in Blaine was sentenced March 3.

Shawna Marie Pearson
Shawna Marie Pearson

Shawna Marie Pearson of St. Paul had served 108 days in jail since she was charged by the Anoka County Attorney’s Office for the Oct. 23, 2013 robbery. She was not ordered to serve any more time behind bars, but was placed on five years probation.

Pearson Nov. 25, 2013 had pleaded not guilty to felony charges of simple robbery and theft, but amended her plea to guilty on the felony theft charge at a Jan. 21 court hearing. The simple robbery charge was dismissed at sentencing Monday morning.

According to the criminal complaint, Pearson walked into the bank and passed a teller a note that read, “give me the money!” The teller told police when he looked back up at Pearson, she opened her eyes really wide so he realized she was serious. He placed over $2,700 and a dye pack inside a bag.

Authorities were eventually able to capture Pearson Nov. 16 after video surveillance that clearly showed her face was shared with the news media.

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