Second charge added for man wanted in connection with burglary

A man wanted on am arrest warrant for a robbery in Anoka July 7, 2013 has now been charged in Anoka County District Court for a burglary that occurred in Anoka April 22, 2013.

The warrant was issued by the court after Kendell Dean, 28, Hopkins, failed to appear for a hearing Oct. 29, 2013 on an attempted aggravated robbery in the second degree charge; he has posted bail on that charge following his arraignment.

The Anoka County Attorney’s Office has now charged Dean with felony second-degree burglary and a warrant has now been issued for his arrest on that charge as well since his whereabouts are unknown.

A resident on Sixth Avenue, Anoka, reported arriving home April 23, 2013 to find his apartment damaged and a computer missing, with a pillow against an exterior window and glass on the ground around the window, plus blood on the floor near the window, according to the complaint.

A DNA test on the blood allegedly matched Dean, who was known to the victim but did not have permission to enter his apartment or take his property.

Dean was located and acknowledged knowing the victim, but he allegedly denied breaking into his apartment.

When confronted about the DNA results, Dean alleged that the victim has a “very aggressive cat” which could have caused him injury and bleeding.

The robbery charge resulted from Anoka Police responding to an emergency call the morning of July 7, 2013 that a male had threatened two juveniles with a gun and then ran to a nearby apartment building on Ninth Lane.

According to the complaint, the two juveniles were walking through a parking lot when they were approached by a man they did not know.

He allegedly grabbed one of the juveniles and asked for money, then displayed what the juveniles thought was a .45 semiautomatic pistol.

The man put the gun back in his waistband, but allegedly continued to ask for money before fleeing and running into a second patio door of the west side of an apartment building nearby.

They described the suspect as a black male, about 6 feet tall and thin. He was wearing a tan Minnesota Twins hat.

The juveniles alleged they would be able to identify the man if they saw him again.

Police went to the apartment described by the juveniles and knocked on the door. It was answered by a woman who alleged that a male was inside sleeping.

In the bedroom, police saw a male matching the description given by the juveniles and a tan Twins hat next to him, according to the complaint.

He was identified as Dean, who was allegedly identified by the juveniles as the man who had threatened them earlier.

Police also allegedly found a BB gun pistol in the apartment.

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