Hearings set on two more Coon Rapids street projects

Public and assessment hearings on two more major residential street reconstruction projects planned for 2014 have been set for the Tuesday, April 1, at the Coon Rapids City Council meeting.

The council scheduled the hearing March 4 after accepting feasibility reports for the two projects. Hearings are planned March 18 on another residential street project as well as the reconstruction of Round Lake Boulevard, a collector street.

One of the new projects, covering 3.25 miles, is in the area of Hanson Boulevard between 107th and 113th avenues where 22 streets are affected; the other will reconstruct 2.5 miles and 13 streets in the area north of Coon Rapids Boulevard between 101st and 103rd avenues, plus the area between Mississippi Boulevard and 84th Lane west of East River Road.

In the both projects, the proposed improvements include reclamation of the existing bituminous surface and aggregate base, removal and replacement of damaged curb and gutter, sidewalk and pedestrian curb ramp, and sanitary sewer, water main and storm sewer repairs as needed, according to Kevin Kawlewski, consulting city engineer.

But the project in the area of Hanson Boulevard also includes replacement of 150 feet of sanitary sewer on 110th Avenue, while in the other project on streets north of Coon Rapids Boulevard, existing water main in a four-block area of the Woodcrest neighborhood will be replaced.

The existing water main, which is made of cast iron pipe, was installed in the 1950s, and there have been water main breaks and, especially this winter, a lot of frozen pipes, Public Works Director Tim Himmer said.

The streets affected are Sycamore, Redwood, Quince and Palm from 101st to 103rd avenues and 103rd avenue from Sycamore to Palm streets, the feasibility report states.

Temporary water service will have to be provided in those areas while the new water main is installed, according to the feasibility report.

Both projects will be paid for by a combination of city funds from various accounts plus assessments to benefiting property owners, which is why public and assessment hearings are required and a four-fifths vote of the council is needed for approval of the projects.

The proposed assessment rate is $1,667 for single-family residential lots, $20.83 a front foot for multi-family residential property and $41.65 per front foot for commercial property, according to Kawlewski.

The project in the Hanson Boulevard area impacts 226 single-family properties, 198 multi-family units and the city’s Rockslide Park.

The estimated project cost is $1,708,660, of which $560,002 will be covered by assessments. The remainder of the cost will come from the city’s street reconstruction fund, $625,388; sanitary sewer fund, $16,400; storm water drainage fund, $56,670; and water system maintenance fund, $450,200, Kawlewski wrote in the feasibility report.

Under the proposed timetable, assuming council approval of the project following the April 1 hearing, a contract award would be considered by the council May 6, at which time the assessments also would be approved, with construction to begin in June and be completed in September.

The project in the neighborhoods north of Coon Rapids Boulevard and west of East River Road involves 187 single-family homes, Adams Elementary School and the city’s Woodcrest Park.

The cost is estimated at $3,054,140, with the new water main for the Woodcrest area estimated to cost well over $1 million. Assessments are projected to pay for $330,155 of the cost.

The balance will be spread among four city funds: $1,014,065 from the street reconstruction fund; $11,000 from the sanitary sewer fund; $66,610 from the storm water drainage fund; and $1,605,310 from the water system maintenance fund.

Like the Hanson Boulevard area reconstruction, this project, provided it is approved by the council April 1 after the public and assessment hearings, will have a contract award May 6 when the assessments will also be approved. But work, while starting in June, is not anticipated to be completed until November.