Local writer helps others get published

Because Jansina Grossman believes “good writing should be great,” she’s taken it upon herself to help make that happen.

Jansina Grossman sits among a collection of books published by Rivershore Books, her own publishing company.
Jansina Grossman sits among a collection of books published by Rivershore Books, her own publishing company. Photo by Sue Austreng

Home-schooled until college, the resident of Spring Lake Park loves to see characters come alive on the page and was always telling stories as a child, so writing and publishing books seemed a natural progression of her passions.

After traveling the world and earning a bachelor of arts degree in English literature and writing at Bethel University, Grossman (whose pen name is simply Jansina) founded Rivershore Books in November 2011.

Her mission – and that of her publishing company – is to be a “place of support for authors in every stage; to bring written work to its full potential; and to publish quality fiction and nonfiction.”

Rivershore Books came about after Jansina wrote and published her first book, “Forgotten Memories.”

“Through that experience, I learned there is no affordable way to publish. Well, I wanted to make it affordable, so I started Rivershore Books,” Jansina said.

With her publishing company, Jansina offers her services proofreading, editing, designing, publishing, and promoting the written word.

“But I don’t change the voice of the work. That voice is the author’s own and I want that to come through,” said Jansina.

To date, Rivershore Books has published 18 books with titles like “Don’t Be Baffled at Binomial Blvd. and Algebra Ave.” (John Carlin), “GrandMa and the Miracles” (Arthur Marinello) and “Your Pal, Merle; Letters from World War II” (Merle Grossman).

Jansina has published five books of her own and continues to develop characters, imagine plot twists, and write more stories along the way.

“I write because I can’t not write. I feel called to write and so I write,” Jansina said matter-of-factly. “Writing, and seeing my books in print, is the passion God gave me. Whatever happens after that is up to Him,” she said.

One of her books, “Shrouded Jewels,” is a modern retelling of a Bible story (from Samuel 1:18) and follows the friendship and romance of Davey Blake and Mical Benson.

“The book delves into the motivations and challenges Davey and Mical meet on their journey to trust and faith,” Jansina said.

The author and publisher’s Christian faith is a common thread in her life and in her work.

“I strive to keep my faith at the center of all I do, and especially in what I write,” she said. “My goal with my stories is to both entertain and inspire, so my faith in God is a backdrop to everything I write – whether it’s mentioned directly or not.”

When she’s not editing and proofreading and publishing other authors’ work or writing her own books, Jansina keeps readers and writers up to date online with her Rivershore Books website and with a monthly newsletter and frequent blog postings. She also communicates via Facebook and Twitter.

With great enthusiasm and a full measure of encouragement Jansina urges those around her to never give up on their dream.

“No matter what passion God has given you, pursue it with your whole heart – for Him, and for you. It’s worth it,” she said.

To learn more about Rivershore Books, to submit a manuscript, or to read reviews, visit RivershoreBooks.com.

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