Boals announces run in 35A

Justin Boals has announced his candidacy for Minnesota House seat 35A in Anoka and Ramsey. Boals ran for the seat in 2012 as the endorsed candidate of the Independence Party of Minnesota, but this year he will run as a Republican.

“My principals, values and commitments are unchanged, however, my undying support and defense of our Constitution, our state’s rights and republic have steered my ship onto a new course,” Boals said.

Justin Boals
Justin Boals

He currently serves on Anoka’s Economic Development Commission where he is also a member of the riverboat study committee. He also serves on the State of Minnesota’s Drug Utilization Review Board, is president of Manorcrest Home Owner’s Association and is a registered pharmacy technician.

“I believe that we must return to the founding ideals of our republic: limited government, states’ rights, strict Constitutional adherence and the individual right to life and liberty,” Boals said.

A devout Jeffersonian, Boals believes that government should be run at the most local of levels possible and that concentrated power in a central government can only lead to oppression and corruption.

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