UnionHerald Looking Back for March 21, 2014

New spring hats

Our new spring hats are unusually fetching this year and will surely win friends among our young men friends. You remember that our shop is the only place in Anoka where you can buy the famous Mallory Hats. We have just the shape that will become you in a correct shade for spring. Make your Easter selection now. Biggest lines at $2 and $3 – Smith Bros., Main Street, Anoka.

-100 years ago, March 25, 1914,
Anoka Union

WCCO installing latest in radio broadcasting tower

Erection of what will be the highest structure of the Northwest will begin next month when WCCO starts the installation of its new vertical antennae at its transmitting plant near Anoka. The particular type of vertical radiator selected is the latest development in radio engineering and will increase the coverage of WCCO and the strength of its signal throughout the Northwest.

– 75 years ago, March 22, 1939,
Anoka Herald

Jaycees to continue local sign project

Lou Luke, local Jaycee president, announced Monday that the Jaycees are in the midst of planning further work this spring on their “Slow Children” signs placement throughout the city. Plans, as of now, call for further installation of the signs in late April or early May.

– 50 years ago, March 20, 1964
Coon Rapids Herald

Shaping the future

During a Minnesota Education Association news conference at Anoka High School Monday, Eric Gerster, Anoka senior, discussed the many problems that would exist in public education if the Minnesota Legislature would approve the proposal to “Put a Cap” on state spending. The news conference was in direct counter to the Minnesota Business Partnership coalition’s recent request to cut $900 million from Gov. Rudy Perpich’s proposed budget.

– 25 years ago, March 24, 1989
Anoka Union

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

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