Mercy first hospital in Minnesota to use mini cardiac monitor

When Steven Byboth has a racing heart episode, it feels like “it is jumping right out” of his chest. Now, a monitor one-third the size of a AAA battery will try to catch the cause.Allina heart

Byboth is the first Minnesotan to have a Medtronic Reveal LINQ implantable cardiac monitor in his chest. It’s the smallest implantable cardiac monitoring device available.

Despite its tiny size, the device will allow Dr. Stephen Remole, a heart rhythm specialist with Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute at Mercy Hospital, to wirelessly monitor Byboth’s heart for up to three years.

“This is so much easier for patients. Sometimes people have a hard time with electronic gadgets because they’re required to do things with them. But with this, it’s all automatic and self-contained, so it’s very simple to use,” Remole said.

Using a local anesthetic, Remole implanted Byboth’s device in a procedure that took several minutes. The device was placed just beneath the skin near the breast bone and is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Heart rhythm data will be transmitted to the Remole’s office automatically. Or, Byboth can activate the device to store data as an episode happens.

The Reveal LINQ implantable cardiac monitor is for people who experience symptoms such as dizziness, palpitation, fainting and chest pain that may suggest a problem with the heart’s electrical system.