SLP woman faces DWI charges

A 50-year-old woman was arrested blocks from her home in Spring Lake Park for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

With three or more prior alcohol-related charges, Cheryl Ann Schafer, 50, faces two felony charges for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and one misdemeanor for driving without a license that was revoked as a result of previous alcohol-related charges.

Schafer was arraigned in Anoka County District Court on two first-degree DWI charges with an alleged blood alcohol concentration of 0.20, two-and-half times the legal limit.

A Spring Lake Park Police officer pulled Schafer over after seeing her drive her car over the curb as she turned onto Terrace Road from 79th Avenue around 7:30 p.m. March 21, the criminal complaint states.

Approaching Schafer, police saw that her eyes were bloodshot and smelled alcohol, according to the criminal complaint.

Schafer allegedly failed multiple field sobriety tests, and when her blood alcohol concentration was measured half-an-hour after she was pulled over, it well exceeded the legal limit, the complaint states.

An omnibus hearing for Schafer is scheduled for April 23.

She faces up to seven years and $14,000 fines for each DWI charge.

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