UnionHerald Looking Back for April 4, 2014

To Europe

The party of thirty two industrial school teachers from various cities of the United States left New York last week on the Kaiser Wilhelm. They expect to be at Munich, Germany much of the time. Miss Ida B. McGlauflin, formerly of Anoka, was a member of the party.

-100 years ago, April 7, 1914,
Anoka Herald

Fractures skull at Rapids school

Melvin Webster, bus driver at the Coon Rapids school, suffered a serious injury in a basketball game at the school last week. The older men play a game with the school team, and Webster caught the ball the fell backward striking his head on the wall. Then fell forward striking his head on the cement floor. He was rushed to Dr. Schlesselman who took him to Swedish hospital. An X-ray showed a skull fracture extending from the right mastoid to the middle of the back of his head and then forward to the forehead. He has bled from one ear, which is a fortunate condition.

– 75 years ago, April 5, 1939,
Anoka Union

Coon Rapids man selected “Truck Driver of the Year”

Robert E. Smith, Coon Rapids, a professional truck driver with more than 890,000 miles logged during 15 years of safe driving, was named Minnesota “Truck Driver of the Year” last week. Governor Karl Rolvaag presented Smith with a gold lapel pin and a certificate naming him as “Driver of the Year” in recognition of his outstanding record as a professional truck driver. The award is presented each year by the Minnesota Motor Transport Association.

– 50 years ago, April 3, 1964
Coon Rapids Herald

Road may open but residents still want Anoka

Chances of blocking a controversial road opening between Anoka and Coon Rapids may be slim and none, but even if their efforts fail, Coon Rapids residents involved would apparently still want to be annexed to Anoka. At least that is what one Coon Rapids resident told the Anoka City Council Monday. The said he will move and would rather be annexed to Anoka. Residents along the Coon Rapids portion of a two-block road have petitioned to annex the area to Anoka. Property is platted for single-family homes south of East Main Street adjacent to Reisling Boulevard in Coon Rapids also adjoining the Anoka line.

– 25 years ago, April 7, 1989
Anoka County Union

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

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