Three Coon Rapids residential street projects out for bids

Three residential street reconstruction projects totaling over 8 miles with a combined estimated cost of close to $7 million have been given the go-ahead by the Coon Rapids City Council.

Following public and assessment hearings April 1, the council unanimously ordered the projects, approved plans and specifications and ordered bids.

The council will consider contract awards for all three projects at its May 6 meeting when it will also act to approve the assessments. Plans are to begin construction in late May or early June.

The projects are:

• Streets covering 2.3 miles in an area generally lying east of Blackfoot Street between 119th and 121st avenues and streets in an area adjacent to Hanson Boulevard between 113th Avenue and Robinson Drive. This project also includes watermain replacement on 115th Avenue. Estimated cost is $1.93 million, of which $444,220 is proposed to be assessed, the balance coming from various city funds. Benefiting properties include 87 single-family and 128 multi-family properties and 10 commercial properties.

• Streets in the area around Hanson Boulevard, both west and east sides, between 107th and 113th avenues totaling 3.25 miles. This project also includes replacement of about 150 feet of sanitary sewer on 110th Avenue Northwest. Cost estimate is $1.71 million, of which $560,002 is proposed to be assessed to benefiting properties, which include 226 single-family lots and 198 multi-family properties, with the rest coming from various city accounts.

• Streets covering 2.5 miles in an area north of Coon Rapids Boulevard between 101st and 103rd avenues (Woodcrest area) and an area between Mississippi Boulevard and 84th Lane west of East River Road. The project will also include complete replacement of the existing watermain in the Woodcrest area. Estimated cost is $3.05 million, of which $330,155 is proposed to be assessed and the balance paid from assorted city funds. There are 187 single-family properties proposed for assessments.

In all three projects, single-family lots will be assessed at a rate of $1,667 each, multi-family properties at $20.83 a front foot and commercial properties at $41.65 a front foot.

No one appeared or spoke at the public and assessment hearings for two of the projects, but several residents spoke at the hearing for the project in the area of Hanson between 107th and 113th.

While some had questions on assessments and the construction process, two residents living on 108th Avenue, east of Hanson, wanted to opt out of the project because they said their street, unlike others, was not in bad shape. But Mayor Tim Howe said the city’s policy was to do reconstruction projects by neighborhood, not piecemeal.

Two other residents objected to the sidewalk proposed from Rockslide Park into the neighborhood at 112th and Swallow Street.

According to Public Works Director Tim Himmer, this is an effort to fill a sidewalk and trail gap and would impact some city land as well as seven private properties.

Currently, Rockslide Park is linked to Hoover Elementary School and its park amenities via a tunnel under the railroad tracks, and the ultimate goal is to have a sidewalk link from Rockslide to Peppermint Stick Park at 115th Avenue and Raven Street, Himmer said.

But Howe and Councilmember Denise Klint had issues with the proposal. There are numerous places where trails and sidewalks are needed in the city and this one would go “pretty much to the middle of nowhere,” Klint said.

Howe was surprised to see the sidewalk included in the project, he said.

The council agreed to remove the sidewalk from the overall project and bid it as an alternate so that a final decision on whether it is built can be made when the bids are considered May 6.