Life Looking Back for April 11, 2014

Kennel plans protested

Area residents appeared at an April 4 meeting of the Blaine City Council to protest a kennel license issued Feb. 7 to James and Janelle Kappes for construction of a kennel near 131st and Lexington. The residents presented a petition asking that the license be rescinded, protesting that they did not want the kennel in the area due to noise, danger to children if dogs get loose, extra traffic on the road, and loss of property value.

– 40 years ago, April 12, 1974

Barricades to be removed from University service road

Following a discussion Thursday at the Blaine City Council meeting on what action to take on the southwest entrance at Northtown Shopping Center, councilmembers suddenly decided to remove the barricades that closed University service drive. Traffic problems surfaced in the area with the completion of the Cub Foods store in the Northtown Shopping Center earlier this year and Spring Lake Park residents began to complain about truck and other vehicle traffic on residential streets. Several proposals to relieve the situation were proposed and Blaine barricaded the north end of University service drive to help control the traffic.

– 30 years ago, April 13, 1984

Girls’ hockey may be added in District 16

When the puck drops to start the high school hockey season next year, there may be more than one team representing Spring Lake Park High School. The District 16 School Board will consider a request to add girls’ hockey to its athletic program for next season. Interest in girls’ hockey has exploded. Eight schools in the state offered the sport last year and three more schools have already added it to their programs for next year. Other school districts in the area presently considering the program are Osseo and St. Paul. The Minnesota State High School League has sanctioned the sport and a state tournament will take place when 24 teams are established.

– 20 years ago, April 15, 1994

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.