UnionHerald crime reports for April 11, 2014

Coon Rapids man pleads guilty to felony DWI

A Coon Rapids man, arrested the early morning hours of New Year’s Day for driving drunk, has pleaded guilty to a felony charge in Anoka County District Court.

Ryan Douglas Fried, 31, entered a guilty plea to a felony DWI charge March 31 and will be sentenced May 12.

The charge was a felony because Fried had had three prior DWI convictions in the past 10 years – June 2004, February 2005 and May 2008 – the state law threshold for a felony DWI charge.

Shortly before 1:15 a.m. Jan. 1, a Coon Rapids Police officer traveling south on Crooked Lake Boulevard approaching Coon Rapids Boulevard saw a red Toyota pickup truck in the left-turn lane without its left-turn signal on, then when the left-turn arrow was green, the truck was driven straight against the red light, instead of turning left, according to the complaint.

The officer initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver as Fried, who slurred his speech heavily and had bloodshot, watery eyes. There was also a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the truck.

Fried, who told the officer that he had had a few drinks at a friend’s house, failed field sobriety tests, registered .315 on the preliminary breath test and after being read the implied consent advisory, had a blood-alcohol concentration of .29 on the Datamaster breath test at the police station.

~ Peter Bodley

Two men accused of breaking into abandoned Coon Rapids home

Two men were arraigned April 3 in Anoka County District Court, each on felony second-degree burglary charges.

Brian Francis, Bushey, 32, of Anoka, and Andrew Thomas Cocherell, 34, of Coon Rapids, are being accused of trying to burglarize an abandoned Coon Rapids home in  the 9900 block of Linnet Street, according to the criminal complaint.

Coon Rapids police and Link Home Security personnel 9:35 a.m. April 1 were alerted to a burglary alarm at this home.

Coon Rapids officers noticed that the padlock on the front door was broken, but the door was locked when they tried to open it. After an officer kicked open the door and officers entered, they allegedly saw two men trying to leave the home through a boarded up patio door window.

In a post-Miranda interview, Bushey allegedly told Coon Rapids Detective William Steiner that they were inside the home looking for collectibles like vintage Star Wars toys.

~ Eric Hagen

Two Holiday gas station employees accused of theft from employer

Two people were arraigned March 26 in Anoka County District Court for allegedly stealing from the Holiday gas station they worked at in Coon Rapids last year.

Afton Marie Clinton, 31, of Blaine, and Vincent Gordon Hill, 23, were both charged with felony theft.

According to the criminal complaint, the owner of the Holiday gas station at 10120 University Avenue in Coon Rapids called Coon Rapids Police Aug. 26, 2013 to report ongoing employee theft.

In a post-Miranda statement, Clinton allegedly admitted to stealing about $8,000 in petty cash from the gas station over the past six months. Police found $816 in her bedroom safe during a search warrant, according to the complaint.

Hill allegedly told police that he had been working extra hours when Clinton was his manager and said she told him he could take money out of the till or she would give him money from the till. He said he stole about $3,000, according to the complaint.

~ Eric Hagen

Man accused of trying to steal over $1,200 worth of copper wire

A Coon Rapids man was arraigned April 3 in Anoka County District Court on two felony charges for allegedly trying to steal spooled copper wire from a power substation.

Christopher John Cocherell, 43, was charged with felony theft and possession of burglary tools as well as a misdemeanor charge of fleeing police on foot.

According to the criminal complaint, Cocherell was seen on surveillance tape inside a fenced-in area of an Xcel Energy substation in the 700 block of 93rd Lane NW in Coon Rapids.

Police responded 12:58 a.m. April 1 and a K-9 officer was able to catch Cocherell before he could climb the fence to attempt to get away.

Authorities allegedly found $1,275 worth of spooled copper wire thrown over the fence near where Cocherell was apprehended.

~ Eric Hagen

Felony charge for violating no contact order

A 26-year-old man was charged March 18 by the Anoka County Attorney’s Office with a felony of violating a no contact order.

According to the criminal complaint, Reginald McQuirter has three prior domestic abuse and violation of no contact order convictions between Nov. 16, 2011, and June 7, 2012.

The most recent conviction led to an Anoka County District Court judge to order McQuirter to have no contact with an ex-girlfriend until June 7, 2014.

The woman, now 22, called authorities 9:18 a.m. March 17 to report that McQuirter was at her Coon Rapids home and would not leave. Police responded, found McQuirter hiding in the shower and took him into custody, according to the complaint.

~ Eric Hagen

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