Anoka County works with DEA to arrest heroin traffickers

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office took part in the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s heroin enforcement effort, “Operation Exile,” Thursday, April 17.

Operation Exile was a large scale, multi-jurisdictional statewide saturation enforcement effort sponsored by the DEA as an effort to stem the tide of heroin trafficking in Minnesota.

The Anoka Hennepin Drug Task Force made three arrests for first-degree controlled substance crimes involving the sale of heroin.  The statewide effort resulted in 65 total arrests and the seizure of approximately two kilograms of heroin and $250,000 in cash.

Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart has been committed to combating the proliferation of heroin in Anoka County. Prior to today’s participation in Operation Exile, the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office has played a major role in the presentation of five community forums as an effort to educate the public about the dangers of heroin and of heroin’s re-emergence as a drug of choice amongst young people in our community.

The sheriff’s office continues to do presentations to smaller community groups and organizations.  It has also been battling heroin by directing efforts of the drug task force to heroin enforcement and by providing specialized training to school liaison officers.

“Today is an extremely significant day in our battle against heroin,” Stuart said. “The degree of collaboration and cooperation amongst local, state and federal law enforcement agencies will have a significant impact on the heroin distribution in our communities.”

Operation Exile will not be the end of the intensified enforcement effort, rather only the beginning of a larger effort, the sheriff’s office said in a press release.  The arrests made April 17 will launch further investigations into the activates of the heroin distributors arrested and lead to more arrests of the associates of those currently in custody.

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