Ramsey council hears optimistic report on Armstrong interchange

Elwyn Tinklenberg April 8 gave the Ramsey City Council an upbeat progress report on efforts to bring more state funding to the proposed Highway 10 interchange project at Armstrong Boulevard.

Tinklenberg is lobbying on behalf of the city of Ramsey for this project.

The Armstrong interchange was one of three projects listed under “local road improvements” to receive funding, but Tinklenberg said the House Capital Investment Committee that addressed the bonding bill April 4 did not specify how much. The other two projects are the 77th Street underpass in Richfield and the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant in Ramsey County.

The Senate’s version of the bill will get a hearing from the Senate Finance Committee after the Easter holiday break, Tinklenberg said told the Ramsey council.

Mayor Sarah Strommen attended the April 4 House Capital Investment Committee meeting and was encouraged that the Armstrong Boulevard interchange was one of a few projects highlighted by the committee’s chairperson Rep. Alice Hausman, DFL-St. Paul.

“I thought it was a good sign when our project was one that she pulled out to highlight and cited it as, ‘A very dangerous situation up there in Anoka County,’” Strommen said. “Not that we want to be recognized for dangerous situations, but clearly the message about public safety and urgency has not been lost on her.”

Tinklenberg also believes there has been positive reception at the state capitol for this project because of the work the Anoka County Highway Department has done designing this project ahead of time so it could quickly break ground once funding is received.

Tinklenberg  met recently with Scott McBride, a metro district engineer with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, to talk about Highway 10 and was informed that MnDOT is doing a lot of design work on future improvements beyond Armstrong Boulevard.

MnDOT Feb. 26 hosted an open house at Green Haven Golf Club in Anoka attended by about 110 people to look at Highway 10 improvement options between West Main Street in Anoka and the Anoka County-Sherburne County border in Ramsey.

“Armstrong is step one, the one that builds momentum to make other improvements along the corridor,” Tinklenberg said. “(MnDOT is) certainly not making any promises about when those will happen, but there’s a lot of planning work being done on Highway 10.”


Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Elwyn Tinklenberg was also lobbying on behalf of Anoka County. That is not the case.

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