Police warn county residents of scam

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about a scam going around the county. Police have received reports from several people who have received a phone call from an individual identifying themselves as from the “Attorney General’s Office,” reporting an unpaid fine. That call is followed up by a second call from an individual who identifies themselves as “Deputy B. Adams with the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.”

The alleged deputy gives a badge number and uses the correct address and phone number of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office. The “deputy” threatens to arrest the person or their spouse over an “unpaid fine.”  They are then directed to make a deposit to a pre-paid Visa card or send money via Western Union to immediately take care of the fine and avoid arrest.

According to Cmdr. Paul Sommer, this is a complete scam. The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office does not collect unpaid fines and do not accept any payments through Western Union or pre-paid Visa Card account deposits. The “Anoka County Attorney General’s Office,” is fictitious, no such agency exists. According to Sommer it is extremely unlikely that any government agency will contact people by phone and demand cash payments.

Any individual who receives such a call should follow up with their local law enforcement agency or contact the Minnesota Court Payments Center at 651-281-3219 to verify if they owe any fine in any court case.

  • bnelson333

    Whenever I get an unsolicited call from anybody (that sounds important), I ask for the phone # and call them back. You can google the # first to make sure it is legit. If they refuse to give it to you, you immediately know it’s a scam. It could still be a scam, but it’s a quick way to weed out a lot of the fraud.