Coon Rapids City Council awards contracts on two projects

The Coon Rapids City Council April 15 awarded contracts on two projects, one for large bituminous street patching and trail paving repairs and the other for the rehabilitation of four city wells.

Omann Brothers Paving Inc. was the lowest of seven bids for the street patching and trail repairs in the amount of $150,610, which was under the engineer’s estimate of $153,300, while the contract for the well rehabilitation project, for which $320,000 had been budgeted, was awarded to E.H. Renner & Sons in the amount of $170,658.

The council contracts for bituminous repairs throughout the city, generally in areas scheduled for seal coating and where there have been water main breaks, but this year trail paving repairs have been added for the first time, according to Public Works Director Tim Himmer.

The repair work includes concrete repair, bituminous street surfacing repair and turf restoration, Himmer said.

“These are emergency repairs that are all over the city so we move the contractor around,” he said.

The cost of the work will come from various city funds: water utility for water main break repairs on streets, storm water utility fund for street patching where there have been storm drain repairs, street reconstruction fund for patching in seat coat areas and general fund trail maintenance for the trail paving repairs, Himmer said.

Work is expected to begin in May, depending on the contractor’s schedule, he said.

The 2014 well rehabilitation project is part of a five- to six-year program started in 2011 to rehabilitate all the city’s 25 wells, according to Himmer.

Work on wells 19, 20, 22 and 23 will begin in May and be completed by the end of the year, Himmer said.

The city’s plans and specifications included a base bid, which covers inspection and testing of the wells and equipment, plus two alternates, he said.

Additional work needed under the pump and well alternate bids won’t be known until the equipment has been examined by staff and the contractor, according to Himmer.

The alternates are only used if something is found during the inspection that requires repair and/or replacement of the equipment, Himmer said.

E.H. Renner’s base bid was $48,129, while its pump alternate totaled $100,289 and its well alternate amounted to $22,240. Four contractors bid on this project.