Fietek announces run for House 36A

Jefferson Fietek has announced a run for the House of Representatives in District 36A and recently received the DFL endorsement.

Fietek sites the alarming number of middle class families who have transitioned into poverty, and the sharp rise in mental health issues and lack of resources in our community as key reasons why he decided to run. “Many politicians have lost focus on what is important to their communities. I want to go to St. Paul and find ways to get even more community members back in to the work force,” Fietek said.

As an educator, Fietek said he understands the important role our schools play in our community: “All students should have equal access to high quality education and we as a state need to make certain that we are supporting our young people and setting them up for success as adults.”

During a number of suicides in his district several years ago, Fietek worked to raise nearly $6,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. When students, community members and teachers began to share with him stories of feeling unsafe in their own schools, he worked to mobilize people and spoke out to the school district create positive change in District 11. Fietek started an organization, Justin’s Gift, which is subsidizing mental health crisis response training to key staff members in District 11.

Fietek said he knows, and has experienced, the power of working for what is right and needed for his community.

“This community has been my home all my life. I want to help make it a vibrant, safe, and opportunity-filled community for families,” he said.

Fietek currently lives in Coon Rapids with his son and is a teacher in the Anoka Hennepin School District.