Two stolen guns recovered

St. Francis police were looking for a gun stolen out of Elk River and uncovered that gun and another, stolen out of Mille Lacs County.

Nicholas John Pascoe, 19, of St. Francis, was arraigned in Anoka County District Court April 9 on two felony theft charges for allegedly stealing the guns.

After listening to Pascoe’s phone records from jail, where he was being held on other charges, law enforcement allegedly heard Pascoe instructing two people to get rid of a stolen gun in his closet, the criminal complaint states.

Those people were Pascoe’s parents, according to St. Francis Investigator AJ Gennaro, and in February, Pascoe’s parents allowed police to search their home, he said.

Pascoe’s mother told police that the gun they were looking for could be located at her boyfriend’s house, but when they arrived at his home, also in St. Francis, and he offered up the gun, it was the wrong gun, the complaint states.

The serial number confirmed that the gun had been stolen out of Mille Lacs County, not Elk River.

In a post-Miranda statement, Pascoe’s father allegedly told police that the gun was buried in his girlfriend’s yard in Watertown, Minn. He had taken it from his son’s bedroom and moved it there, he allegedly told police.

St. Francis police found the gun they were looking for in the location provided by Pascoe’s father, Gennaro said.

Pascoe remains in jail on multiple charges, many accusations of theft and tampering with motor vehicles.

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