Life Looking Back for April 25, 2014

Unfenced ditch sore spot with residents

Too little play area and too much ditch were among the complaints of residents of Restwood Terrace Mobile Home Park who appeared at the April 18 Blaine Council meeting. A councilman visited the area and felt there may be some ordinance violations.

– 40 years ago, April 26, 1974

‘Happy’ clown is the best clown

Something “Happy” happened to a former Blaine man on his way to Las Vegas. Wally Leslie also known as “Happy the Clown,” was in Vegas auditioning for a job as a ventriloquist at the Frontier Club. The owner of the club not only offered him the job, but talked Leslie into sticking around for the International Clown Convention.

– 30 years ago, April 27, 1984

Education about the environment

It was somehow appropriate for students at Westwood Elementary School to learn more about their environment while the Minnesota monsoon season was taking place. Kay Grindland, Eco Arts and Entertainment, visited the school April 26 to teach the students more about their environment. She used a variety of songs, Native American stories, folk tales and true stories in her presentation. And the students were more than willing to participate  in any way they could.

– 20 years ago, April 29, 1994

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.