Contracts awarded for two Coon Rapids residential street projects

Contracts were awarded by the Coon Rapids City Council May 6 for two of three residential street reconstruction projects planned this year.

At the same time, the council approved assessments to benefiting property owners that will cover a portion of the projects’ costs.

• Park Construction Company was the low bidder in the amount of $1,587,721.65 (engineer’s estimate was $1,854,950.85) for the project to reconstruct streets covering 2.3 miles in an area generally lying east of Blackfoot Street between 119th and 121st avenues; and streets in an area adjacent to Hanson Boulevard between 113th Avenue and Robinson Drive. This project also includes watermain replacement on 115th Avenue. Assessments total $438,083.48 with the balance coming from various city funds. Benefiting properties include 87 single-family and 128 multi-family properties and 10 commercial properties. Work will begin in May with completion in the fall.

• North Valley Inc. was awarded the contract with a low bid of $1,636,777.80 (engineer’s estimate was $1,574,789.50) for the reconstruction of 3.25 miles of streets in the area around Hanson Boulevard, both west and east sides, between 107th and 113th avenues. This project also includes replacement of about 150 feet of sanitary sewer on 110th Avenue NW. Assessments were approved totaling $557,028.48 to benefiting properties, which include 226 single-family lots and 198 multi-family properties, with the rest coming from various city accounts. Work will begin in June with completion anticipated in September.

According to Public Works Director Tim Himmer, the bids were higher than the engineer’s estimate because more utility work was required than had been anticipated when the estimate was made.

“We are being more aggressive in replacing utilities with these projects,” Himmer said.

At the public hearing on this project in April, there was discussion about the inclusion of a sidewalk on the west side of Swallow Street from 111th Lane to Swallow Circle and the council directed that this be bid as an alternate.

But staff removed the sidewalk from the project prior to bidding because final design revealed additional, unplanned impacts to the water system, Himmer told the council.

The proposed sidewalk will be re-evaluated in the future when Swallow Street, north of 113th Avenue NW, is planned for reconstruction.

For both projects, single-family lots are assessed at a rate of $1,667 each, multi-family properties at $20.83 a front foot and commercial properties at $41.65 a front foot. Assessments will be spread over 10 years at a 2.7 percent interest rate.

A third residential street reconstruction project planned for 2014 had been scheduled for a council contract award May 6, but that has been postponed to the May 20 meeting.

This was for streets covering 2.5 miles in an area north of Coon Rapids Boulevard between 101st and 103rd avenues (Woodcrest area) and an area between Mississippi Boulevard and 84th Lane west of East River Road. The project will also include complete replacement of the existing watermain in the Woodcrest area. There are 187 single-family properties proposed for assessments.

Final design work took longer than anticipated because of the extensive watermain work that is proposed, according to Himmer.

The project is currently out for bids, Himmer said.