Ramsey author releases new action adventure novel

Writing everything from short stories to technical papers and ad copy to the librettos for four musicals, Ramsey resident Dianne Novak has been a writer since she was just a little girl.

Dianne Novak’s “Secrets of the Snowglobes,” published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, is available nationwide.
Dianne Novak’s “Secrets of the Snowglobes,” published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, is available nationwide.

And now, with the publication of “Secrets of the Snow Globes: In Search for the Buccaneer’s Bounty,” Novak can for the first time call herself the published author of a children’s novel.

As the “Secrets of the Snow Globes” story unfolds, Becca finds a mysterious box with her name writton on it. Soon, Becca, her brother and their friends find out the box is not the only mystery. Where did all the snow globes nestled inside come from? And how does an artificial snow flurry turn a Minnesota summer morning into a blizzard?

Describing her source of inspiration for the “Secrets of the Snow Globes” characters, plot and story line, Novak said, it was the  books she read as a child.

“I wanted to put my kids (in the book) in a place and time where they would have to rely on their own wits and each other, rather than the Internet or their parents,” she said. “So I used a little magic to whisk them to the days when pirates roamed the seas – because who doesn’t like a good pirate tale? But that’s where the magic ends, so Becca, Paige, Jake, and Marcus are really responsible for their own success or failure.”

Novak has always loved living adventures through books, and she is excited to share “Secrets of the Snow Globes” with other adventurous readers. She said the book’s main target audience is middle grade readers. But she tried to write a story that parents could enjoy reading with their younger children, or even for themselves.

As they live through the adventures experienced by Becca, her brother and their friends, Novak hopes readers can relate to the book’s main characters and how they meet the challenges they face during their quest.

“I want to encourage kids to see that they, too, can solve the problems they face in their own lives. I hope the story helps them learn to trust their own capabilities and the support teams we all have (friends, family, folks we meet along the way),” the author said.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, “Secrets of the Snow Gloves” is available from booksellers nationwide,.

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