Letters to the Editor for June 13, 2013

Taking a stand against Nowthen

To the Editor:

I have been fighting for some time to make this a public affair but I can no longer stand the bullying that our small businesses are receiving from the city of Nowthen Council.

I left the city council in 2011 mainly due to health reasons and also due to the fact the current elected council was not following the oath they took when elected in to office. I also left because the council then and it seems the council now only use the city bylaws when it suits them and their “friends”.

Cindy and Leon, who also own Goose Lake Winery, are throwing a benefit for a friend of theirs who has cancer and it is being held on their private property and has nothing to do with their business. Councilwoman Mary Raineville has copied this announcement from their website/Facebook page and sent it to the city attorney to see if it is legal or have it stopped because they don’t have a permit.

Many citizens in Nowthen hold graduation parties, benefits, weddings, funeral after parties, holiday parties, and so on, on their private property without permits. Why should this benefit of a loved one on private property be any different?

As a former councilwoman I am tired of the city of Nowthen harassing our small businesses for money and more. There are other ways besides taxing and charging fees to our businesses and citizens to fund our city. There are so many grants out there that our city can be a part of but when I made that statement to the council the comment “but there is so much paperwork involved in those grants” was made. Being involved in the Met Council involves a lot of paperwork also and does not get you any money nor does it get you anywhere but a lot of paper work by lawyers and outside sources that end up having the council to find more ways to tax the citizens of Nowthen.

Someone needs to take a stand against the city of Nowthen Council and their wrong doings and favoritism and going around city bylaws to get things done for certain reasons. The city of Ramsey was accused of such things, the city of Nowthen also needs to be looked into.

Laurie Olmon
Former Nowthen

Poppy campaign over for 2014

To the Editor:

The Coon Rapids American Legion Auxiliary Poppy fund raiser is complete for 2014 and it is my privilege to let everyone know it was a huge success. Whether you were a patron at Post 334 donating money for the more than 140 poppy cards that were displayed, one of the volunteers who gave of their time and passion to hand out poppies May 16 and 17 to the public or the Auxiliary members who went to the businesses for donations … thank you!

We especially would like to thank the Auxiliary, Post, SAL and the Legion Riders who played an enormous part in our efforts.

You all went above and beyond the 2,4,6 or 8-hour shifts that some of you put in to help the Auxiliary exceed their goal of helping the veterans. Whether you have helped with this fund raiser for many years or if it was your first time being involved, the gratification of all the veterans we are able to help is tremendous. I won’t name you all, lest I forget someone, just know you all have made a difference in service to our veterans.

Please patronize these following businesses or tell them thank you for their donations.  To Cub Foods stores on Northdale Boulevard and at Riverdale, Rainbow Foods and WalMart in Riverdale, thank you for letting us hand out poppies on the May 16 and 17 in front of your businesses and thank you for your continued patriotism. Also thank you to these businesses who  gave donations: All Season’s Garage Door; Aspen Agency; Bill Nichols- Cardinal Finance Group; Carlson Toyota; Central Bank, Coon Rapids Chiropractic Clinic; Coon Rapids Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram; Dr. Tom Miller, chiropractor; Goodyear Tires of Coon Rapids; Hi-Ten Service; (Hwy 10 Mobil) JTS Auto Service Inc.; Jensen’s Food;  McKay Collision; Mike’s Tire One; North Country Ford, Lincoln, Mercury;  North Star Glass; Paul’s Barber Shop;  Peterson-Pinney, Inc. Heating & Plumbing; Rasmussen Accounting; Rogers Auto Body; Shortstop Bar & Grill; Tim’s Custom Exhaust; and ULTRATECH Automotive, Inc.

Diane Bohlman
Coon Rapids American
Legion Auxiliary #334
Poppy Chairman

Where were the elected officials on Memorial Day?

To the Editor:

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful coverage and photos of the two memorial services at both Morningside Memorial Gardens and at the Veterans Memorial at Bunker Hills Memorial Park.

The true meaning of Memorial Day is to honor all those service members for giving their all to the country from all wars, both past and present for all to enjoy the freedoms which we sometimes take for granted.

Both services took approximately 45 minutes to one hour and the thing that I noticed and I’m sure a lot of the people present also observed as there was only one or two elected officials present – Tony Palumbo and I think one mayor of an Anoka County town were there. It proves to me that the rest of the elected officials and county representatives only show their faces when asked before hand to make a speech, or it is election time.

Could they not take one hour out of their busy weekend to honor those who gave their life for their country and enable those officials to be in the place they were and for the freedom we all come to enjoy?

Next time you go to your voting place ask the people running for offices and positions in the Anoka County government, what is your take concerning Veterans, Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
Thank you to all who remember.

Chuck Jones
Department Commander
Military Order
of the Purple Heart

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