Sivarajah to run in 6th District primary

Rhonda Sivarajah has filed as a Republican for the United States House of Representatives for District 6.

“With the growing debt and the erosion of our freedoms, unfortunately, our kids are not going to have the same bright future that previous generations have had if we don’t act now. Instead of giving us real solutions and a new direction, Washington continues to give us more and more of the same big government, top down solutions,” Sivarajah said.

Rhonda Sivarajah
Rhonda Sivarajah

As chairwoman of the Anoka County Board, Sivarajah said she has been able to make positive changes and reign in government excess and if elected she will bring the same sort of positive change to Washington.

Sivarajah was born and raised in rural Cambridge. She earned a bachelor of arts from St. Cloud State University.  Sivarajah was first elected to the Anoka County Board of Commissioners in 2002, becoming chair of the county board in 2011.  During her tenure, Sivarajah said she has never forgotten that she was elected to be a strong voice for the taxpayer.

Sivarajah and her husband Ran have been married for 24 years. Ran, an immigrant from Malaysia, came to the U.S. seeking the freedoms and opportunities that can only be found in America.  Ran served for 20 years as a Roseville police officer.  He currently works for the U.S. Marshals Service providing security for Federal judges and prosecutors.  The Sivarajahs have two children, Sonjay, 20, and Asha, 17.  Sivarajah and her family attend Eagle Brook Church.

Sivarajah said she respects and understands the different priorities and values that transcend the Sixth Congressional District, which is both rural and suburban in nature.  Sivarajah will work hard to address these and many other issues: Work to address our transportation needs stand up for our veterans to ensure America keeps its promises to them; protect our children’s education from Washington bureaucrats; cut taxes and let families keep more of their hard-earned money; shrink the national debt; end job-killing regulations and mandates; makes healthcare more affordable and easy to use; put Minnesota families before Washington politics; protect the rights of the most vulnerable in our society including the unborn.

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