Life Looking Back for June 13, 2014

Blaine Council vetoes youth summer employment program

A proposal to hire 13 young people as part of a summer youth employment program administered by the county was vetoed at a June 6 meeting of the Blaine City Council. Under the program 10 individuals would be hired to work in the summer employment program for the public works department and three in parks and recreation. The city of Blaine would pay 25 percent of the wages; the rest would be funded by state and federal government.

– 40 years ago, June 14, 1974

BMX freestyle — not for the fainthearted

BMX freestyle. The fastest growing sport around. The latest sporting trend in California has now come alive in Blaine. The ramp, or quarter pipe, sits at a near 90 degree angle and the bikers gather on the opposite end of the parking lot of Pioneer Schwinn on Central Ave. in Blaine. One biker begins his attack on the ramp, slowly at first, increasing speed as he nears the upward slope. His bike and body are on one plane, buttocks off the seat, upper body leaning over the handle bar, his eyes are locked on the plywood ramp ahead of him. In total control of body and bike, he then molds the wheel to the curve of the ramp. He rolls the bike to the top of the ramp, with the front wheel facing the sky. With a jerk, the bike turns, the rider makes his descent down the ramp. This is only a warm up.

– 30 years ago, June 15, 1984

Special Olympics come to National Sports Center

The athletes have spent countless hours in training and practice, trying to perfect their specialty before competition. Next week more than 1,200 athletes will converge on National Sports Center for the Minnesota Special Olympics Summer Games. It is the third consecutive year the summer games have been at the sports center. The site has been very beneficial to the event.

– 20 years ago, June 10, 1994

• Compiled by Sue Austreng

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.