Family Art Sunday this Sunday at Banfill-Locke, Manomin Park

Come celebrate the arts at Family Art Sunday taking place 1-3 p.m. June 22. The free event is conducted with an open house format and takes place inside and outside at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts and at the adjoining Manomin Park.

A scavenger hunt is one of many family art exploration activities offered during Family Art Sunday.
A scavenger hunt is one of many family art exploration activities offered during Family Art Sunday.File photo

Features and fun for the family highlight the afternoon and include an eclectic array of activities.

Anoka County Libraries will feature a large scale story-book walk meandering through the park and encouraging reading in nature.

There will be a book-making activity inside the art center for all ages and a healthy snack will be provided.

Not only that, a scavenger hunt through the Formations, Sediments, Cover-ups, and Remnants exhibition will encourage visitors to explore the art in this eclectic exhibition like never before.

For the past five years, Family Art Sunday has been held annually, but is now offered quarterly. This event is a way to invite families – which can be defined any way the visitor chooses – to engage in art activities together.

Everyone from age 1 to 100 can engage in the art in some way throughout the day.

“We are excited to invite our community to make and explore art at Banfill-Locke at this free event. Kids and adults of all ages are welcome to have fun following a story through the park, challenge themselves to find the scavenger hunt answers, or just make a book that is both practical and artistic. Having Anoka County Libraries on board to partner with us is a great addition,” said Bethany Whitehead, Banfill-Locke executive director.

Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts is located at 6666 East River Road, Fridley. Manomin Park rests along the river next to the arts center.

To learn more about Family Art Sunday, or to further explore what Banfill-Locke has to offer, visit or call 763-574-1850.

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