Letters to the Editor for June 27, 2014

Sivarajah has a record of accomplishments

To the Editor:

With all that’s wrong with Washington, is sending another lawyer lobbyist to D.C.  going to fix anything?  Is Tom Emmer really the best choice to replace Michele Bachmann?  Name one thing Emmer has accomplished?

Fortunately, Republicans have a better choice in the August 12 primary.  Anoka County Chairwoman Rhonda Sivarajah has a proven record of success. Under her leadership the county board has cut property taxes three years in a row, reduced county debt by $30 million and eliminated the wheelage tax.  Emmer’s brash talk can’t match Rhonda’s record of real accomplishments.  I’ve supported many candidates over the years and none can hold a candle to Rhonda.  Join me in voting for Rhonda Sivarajah for Congress in the August 12 primary.

Tom Knisely

Support for Sivarajah

To the Editor:

Regarding Rhonda Sivarajah’s announcement to become our U.S. 6th District representative:

It is with some regret that this lady may be leaving her present position as Anoka County commissioner and chairperson. After becoming commissioner in 2002, her firm stands against the Anoka County “good ol’ boys” have been a “God send.” Prior to her arrival on the Anoka County Board, the commissioners spent our tax dollars with abandon. They dreamed of more railroad transit, more railroads to Duluth, i.e. they dreamed dreams that wasted our tax dollars. Thank God, Rhonda was elected and stopped this out-of-control spending of our tax money.

America absolutely needs people like Rhonda to limit our government’s outreach. The last 20 years of spending by the last three presidents is beyond shameful … and we taxpayers suffer under added tax burdens and less income. Many of us are retired; we have less to live on!

As much as I wish Rhonda would remain here to continue her absolutely outstanding job of controlling spending, we, Americans, need new blood in the U.S. House and Senate. We need to return to citizen legislators (not professional politicians) to lead our country again.

Please phone Rhonda to offer help or donate. Talk to friends. This lady is one of us and, refreshingly, she respects our liberty and pocketbook. Please vote for Rhonda in the Aug. 12 primary or by absentee ballot after June 27.

Jerome Petron

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