Man sent to prison on three convictions following stabbing

An October 2012 stabbing incident at an Anoka apartment building has landed a man in prison after he entered a guilty plea in Anoka County District Court May 21 to a felony third-degree assault charge.

The court immediately sent Jonathon Stuart Listrom, 27, Lexington, to prison for 39 months with credit for 63 days served following his guilty plea.

At the same time, the court gave Listrom concurrent 39- and 23-month prison terms for guilty pleas on two other unrelated offenses that occurred in Anoka County – felony theft in 2013 and identity theft in 2012.

Listrom is no stranger to prison. Court records show that in 2006, Liston was convicted in Anoka County District Court on felony check forgery and motor vehicle theft charges and was initially placed on probation, but following a probation violation he received a 15-month prison sentence in 2008.

In addition, in 2006 Listrom was sent to prison for 12 months and one day on another felony motor vehicle conviction in Anoka County, while in 2011 Listrom entered a guilty plea to a felony check forgery charge in Hennepin County District Court for which prison time was stayed and he was put on probation, but in March this year, following a probation violation, Listrom was given a 17-month prison sentence.

The stabbing incident in Anoka occurred Oct. 13, 2012 when Anoka Police received a call from the emergency room at Mercy Hospital where a man had gone with a stab wound in his side. He told police that he had received it at an apartment on the 2400 block of Maple Lane during an argument with a man he identified as Listrom.

According to the complaint, a witness at the apartment said that while he saw the two argue, he did not see any physical altercation, but when the victim backed off from Listrom, the man told him he had been stabbed by Listrom and there was blood all over his body and clothes.

Police traced Listrom through his cell phone use and found him in possession of a butterfly knife with a four-inch blade.

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