Ham Lake author embarks on adventure series

Gabrielle Arrowsmith grew up in Ham Lake, racing around the wide open spaces and embarking on adventures of all sorts with her brother and cousins.

Ham Lake author Gabrielle Arrowsmith
Ham Lake author Gabrielle Arrowsmith

Quiet times found Gabrielle devouring stories, anticipating twists in the plot, getting to know the characters and welcoming them like favorite family members into her life.

Now a grown woman, Arrowsmith fashions adventures of a sci-fi sort, writing a series of young adult novels and empowering her lead characters with the strength and independence she exercised during her own childhood days.

Last year the author published “Concealed in the Shadows.” Last month, “Released from the Darkness” was published by Clean Teen Publishing; Arrowsmith currently has a contract with that company to publish more books in the series.

The first book in the series features 18-year-old Sydney Harter, desperate to protect and make a better life for her sister.

Set in the year 2033, the girls have mandatory implants tracking their every move and must risk their lives to escape oppressive and conniving county leaders.

“I think it’s very thought-provoking and it’s a family story,” Arrowsmith said when “Concealed in the Shadows” was published last year.

The author said the book, similar to “The Hunger Games,” has a strong crossover appeal to adults as well as teens.

The second in the series, “Released from the Darkness” sees Sydney offering her own life in exchange for her sister’s freedom. That sacrifice lands her in an underground “city of the dead,” which lies beneath the earth where its residents skew reality to fit their own needs.

The teenage girl now knows the magnitude of the evildoing inside, outside and below the earth. The responsibility to defend freedom falls solely on her shoulders – a burden that requires desperate action when a catastrophic revelation upends the world as she knows it.

Desperate to escape this new captivity, Sydney realizes she’s got to “fight fire with fire.” She’s proven her courage in facing weapons before, but can she trigger her own?

Readers’ reviews describe a “love for the second book” and an eager anticipation for the next.

Arrowsmith, a 2006 graduate of Blaine High School, said both books are currently available at Amazon.com.

In fact, “Concealed in the Shadows” is available as a “permanently free e-book” at Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, iTunes and Smashwords.com.

“Released from the Darkness” is listed at $3.99 (Kindle edition) and $13.99 (paperback) on Amazon.com.

To connect with Arrowsmith, find her on Facebook or Goodreads.com or check out her website, GabrielleArrowsmith.com.

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