Letter to the Editor for July 4, 2014

Proofs of a Christian nation; interesting examples

To the Editor:

In the June 20 issue of the ACUH, Barb Anderson of Champlin offered proof responding to my previous letter regarding the U.S. being a Christian Nation. She supplied some examples; I offer the following comments on some of them:

Moses and the Ten Commandments.  Moses was Jewish, raised in Egypt where he became a high priest. The commandments  were a subset of the Egyptian 41 commandments. I doubt that Moses would approve of the violence and discrimination that the Jews have been subjected to by the Christians over the last many centuries.

European explorers, Columbus in particular. When Columbus landed in America he committed many crimes including robbery, rape, murder, torture, enslavement and kidnapping. He must have left his copy of the Ten Commandments at home. Indian Pochahantas, was a war captive being held for ransom in an arms trade deal when she was converted to Christianity. One has to wonder how voluntary this act may have been.

The Pilgrims. They were Congregationalists who were under extreme persecution in Europe by other Christian sects. They came to America because it was the only place left for them to go.  The open Bible indicates that they would now be able to interpret it as they saw fit. One wonders if the Pilgrims were viewed as “unbelievers” as Gene Hodel points out in his article on June 20.

As I mentioned previously, our country was founded with great assistance by the Freemasons. They helped write our founding documents which include the phrase “We the people” and not we the believers and the unbelievers.

The Freemasons also had a major hand in designing and laying out Washington D.C. in regard to streets, buildings, monuments and works of art.  Even the shadows that fall on the Capitol grounds were Masonic inspired.  This is the real proof of our foundations as a nation, both in structure and philosophy.

To erase the Masonic influence on the Capitol, one would need to alter the orbit of the earth, a much heavier lift than mere sandblasting.

For more information, Google:  Washington D.C. Shadows –Alan Butler.

John A. Freeburg



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